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Our Mission and Goals

To provide quality recreation programs, facilities, and parks that meet the leisure needs and improve the quality of life for Chicago Heights residents. To promote and maintain community partnerships and intergovernmental and corporate relationships while providing quality employment opportunities at the Chicago Heights Park District.

  • Prepare and recommend a Master Plan that includes an overview of current parks and recreational facilities.
  • Develop an effective communication plan to conduct business that meets the needs of a diverse community.
  • Create an organizational culture of excellence.
  • Develop innovative programs and identify resource expansion through the voice and needs of residents.
  • Evaluate current fees for memberships, rentals, and programs and propose recommendations to the board.
  • Develop a budget proposal for the operations of parks and recreational activities, maintenance of facilities, and future initiatives.
  • Develop fundraising efforts and seek grants to support the overall mission and vision of the park district.