Chicago Heights Park District Awarded Grant

Chicago Heights Park District Secures $600,000 OSLAD Grant for Aquatic Splash Pad and Park Renovation

The Chicago Heights Park District is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a substantial $600,000 grant through the Open Space Land Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) program. This funding will be allocated towards the construction of the city’s first-ever Aquatic Splash Pad, situated at Commissioners Park which includes renovation of adjacent walkways to ensure safe and easy access to play areas, and outdoor furniture for relaxation.


Local Youth Programs Combine

Chicago Heights Park District and Village of Steger Athletics Collaborate to Expand Programs

The Chicago Heights Park District and the Village of Steger Athletics, through a joint effort, will be expanding their youth programs. This exciting collaboration will provide a greater opportunity for recreational sports on a variety of levels.


New Cheer Program

The Coalition Between Chicago Heights Park District and Steger Athletics Brings New Opportunities

As reported earlier, the Chicago Heights Park District and the Village of Steger Athletics have joined together to expand their youth programs. Besides combining their baseball and softball programs, the collaboration is developing new opportunities for recreational sports and activities. An exciting new program is for cheerleading. Participants, ages 3 through 14, will have skill training and conditioning at the upcoming camp on April 22 to April 26.