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Blackbirds Youth Developmental Hockey  Fee: $200 Two Month

Fridays: 4pm

Saturdays: 10am

Midwest Youth Hockey Association was formed in the fall of 2006 with the intension of providing children from Northwest Indiana the opportunity to learn, compete, and enjoy the game of ice hockey. The Maniax were founded on the principles of a strong commitment to skill development, promotion of sportsmanship and fair play, and an unmatched work ethic. When you join you are putting your child in a position to learn more than just play the game of hockey. Dedication, discipline, and a strong desire to compete will be instilled in each of our aspiring athletes through a regimented curriculum focused on optimizing the performance of the individual, and above all, our teams.


Red Tots 3-5

Balance, edge work, self-confidence, and FUN are stressed in each class. Hockey helmet, with facemask, and hockey gloves are required by the 3rd week. Skating skills include: stopping, falling and getting up, marching, gliding, swizzles, and backward skating.
White Pre-hockey 6 and Up

Balance, edge work, self-confined and FUN is stressed at each class. Hockey helmet and hockey gloves are required. Skating skills include: stopping, backwards skating, and forward right and left crossovers. Pre-hockey is designed for boys and girls interested in learning the skating skills required to advance onto the Cross-Ice Hockey Program and organized team play. Prospective skaters must be able to skate across the ice on their own prior to enrollment. Forward and backward stride, hockey stop on both feet, transitions, and right and left crossovers are emphasized each class.


Blue Cross Ice

Mini-‘Ax is the bridge program between hockey learns to skate and the Midwest Maniax Youth Hockey teams. Cross Ice is a two day program and is based on the US Hockey Development

Model of practicing and playing games across the width of the ice rather than full ice. By reducing the playing area, the cross ice model allows players to increase the number of times they touch the puck, increase puck possession times, and increase speed in playing situations, all of which translates into faster development of the individual skills necessary to keep our young players excited and motivated. Cross Ice classes are divided by age and/or skill. USA Hockey registration and full hockey equipment are required.  REGISTER TODAY!